The Contrary Creek Prospecting Lease is a recreational gold prospecting lease on the private land surrounding Contrary Creek near Mineral, VA. The lease commenced in 2008 and has provided stewardship to multiple land owners while reinforcing responsible gold prospecting activities.

This exact region is one of the most famous and documented gold producing regions on the east coast. Dozens of gold mines are located within just a few miles of the creek, and many of them were producing thousands of ounces of gold long before the California gold rush. Evidence of their existence can still be seen.

Gold prospecting is a popular hobby and is gaining recognition as a fun and adventurous outdoor activity. There are very few places on the east coast were you can dip a pan in the creek and find gold. This exact creek has been visited by prospectors for decades, and its popularity continues to grow as the word gets out about this exciting and fun hobby.

We have been given a unique and special opportunity to enjoy our hobby on private property, and over the past few years, weve proven that we can enjoy our hobby responsibly. We have worked very hard to earn the trust of the land owners and take this responsibility seriously. We also know how to have fun, enjoy each others company, contribute to the community, and help others learn the art of finding gold at Contrary Creek.